Naga support group accuses Centre of trying to derail peace talks


IMPHAL, Jan 24: The Netherlands based Naga International Support Center, NISC, has condemned the GOI, for ‘aiming to blow up the peace-talks with the Naga Nation’ and categorically demands the release of Ningkhan Shimray, head of foreign affairs, National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN-IM).

In a statement released today from its mobile office in China, NISC stated that Shimray, one of the participants of the ongoing peace-talks between the GOI and NSCN-IM, was kidnapped from Nepal by the National Investigating Agency and remanded on ‘nonsensical charges’ like terrorism, procuring arms and waging war against India. These charges are nonsensical because before the ceasefire was agreed upon in 1997 both India and the Naga Nation were at war from 1954, the time when India invaded the Naga Nation, it stated. During the ceasefire India built up its armory and committed acts of terror against both Naga army and the civilian population of Nagaland. Would it is also be perceived as nonsensical when the Naga Nation arrested a high ranking Indian leader like the home or defense minister on these charges and put him on trial before a Naga Court, it questioned.

It further questioned the rationality of a member of the Naga negotiating team being accused of waging war against India when India has thousands of soldiers on Naga soil and his involvement in terrorism when no Naga soldier fights on Indian soil or has committed terrorist acts against India.

Consequently the real question now is whether India really wants peace with the Nagas and settle this conflict amicably or it is planning to step into the footsteps of Jawaharlal Nehru and go back to war, the NISC statement said.

Even though India backtracked on its commitments and betrayed the Nagas many times, the Nagas have not lost their patience. India can show its sincerity to solve the conflict with a positive step of freeing Ningkhan Shimray immediately and unconditionally, NISC stated.


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