NSCN faction charge AR ofviolating ceasefire rules


Newmai News Network
DIMAPUR, Jan 22: The Kitovi-Khole faction of the NSCN Sunday accused the Assam Rifles of violating the ceasefire ground rules.

This allegation of the Kitovi and Khole led NSCN faction came few days after another NSCN faction led by Isak Swu and Th. Muivah hurled similar allegation.

On Sunday, the NSCN (Kitovi-Khole) said ceasefire agreement between the outfit and New Delhi is reaching its breaking point owing to the deliberate violation of the ceasefire ground rules by the Assam Rifles. The outfit also accused the Assam Rifles of working hand-in-glove with NSCN faction led by SS Khaplang.

In a statement made available to Newmai News Network tonight, the NSCN (Kitovi-Khole) said, “The Assam Rifles authority is testing the patience of the Naga Army at designated Camp Khehoi. They have shifted their check post closer to the GPRN/NSCN designated camp and have been indulging in frisking ID card holders and taking away weapons which is a serious violation of the ceasefire ground rules. Basic amenities and medical supplies are prevented from reaching the designated camp. Basic human rights are being violated. Taking away ID card holders` weapons for self protection is to allow (NSCN-Khaplang) to wipe out responsible authorities. This is unacceptable and GPRN/NSCN will not allow its authority to become sitting ducks for Khaplang group. Let it be reminded that Assam Rifles are allowing ‘K’ people to send in men to shed blood in Dimapur. Union Ministry of Home Affairs must clarify immediately before situation gets out of hand”. 

The statement claimed that the outfit has clear information that the Assam Rifles are providing logistic support to NSCN-Khaplang at Mon town by giving safe passage to Wangtin Naga and Kughalu Mulatonu.  “At Kohima, Hokato Vusshe in connivance with the CO of Assam Rifles is transporting arms and ammunition to different places and indulging in violent activities. At the residence of Khuivi Sumi, gaonbura (GB) of Lower Forest Colony, Kohima,  the Assam Rifles have allowed K group to plan their strike at populated areas. Safe passage is being given to K group for their entry to Dimapur to create trouble. Diabolic policy of the GOI, through Assam Rifles, is becoming clearer by the day. Unless the glaring violations are corrected, Assam Rifles shall be held solely responsible if the situation deteriorates,” it alleged.


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