One killed, four injured in blast


Imphal West police team investigating the site of the bomb blast at the residence of Speaker I Hemochandra in Singjamei which killed one person and injured four others this evening.
IMPHAL, January 22:: Manipur witnessed the first election related casualty Sunday when a blast claimed the life of one person and injured four others at the residence of Manipur legislative assembly speaker I Hemochandra at Singjamei Maisnam Leikai in Imphal this evening.

CorCom has expressed condolence at the loss of life while claiming responsibility for the blast. However, CorCom reminded in a press correspondence, that it had issued warning three times to the general public not to associate themselves or canvass support for Congress candidates at the forthcoming assembly elections in order to prevent such unwanted incidents. It further reiterated its appeal to the public to disassociate themselves from the party.

According to on-the-spot-information, at around 6.30 pm, some persons hurled an explosive device believed to be a powerful grenade which exploded instantly and claimed the life of one person while injuring four others. The dead person has been identified as Meisnam Ratan, 45, believed to be an active worker of Hemochandra, INC candidate from Singjamei assembly constituency at the January 28 elections, who hails from the same locality as the candidate. Reports said the security guards manning the candidate`s house chased the assailants in order to catch them but to no avail.

A team of Imphal West police led by SP Nishit Kumar accompanied by a bomb squad rushed to the spot and have launched a massive search operation in the area.

The injured identified as Sunil and Pari of Naorem Leikai, Johnson of Singjamei Bamon Leikai and Philips of Singjamei Chingamathak have been discharged after administering first aid at RIMS.

It is worth noting that the Co-ordination Committee (CorCom) made up of seven militant outfits had banned the Congress party from Manipur for its alleged anti-people activities. Series of blasts and hurling of grenades in the offices of Congress party and its candidates by the CorCom have been increasing since the first week of January.


  1. Expressing condolence at the loss of life and again also claiming
    the responsibility for the killing. Wow! You are great! No, greater!no, no,
    greatest of all.
    Every morning we heard of army men torturing or killing innocent people. We
    felt so sorry for those victims and wanted to take fitting revenge on them but
    very much helpless. But in the next moment the victim is not always as simple
    peasant as we thought, except a few cases. This is true, everybody knows.There was always a reason for torturing or to be killed as they are having nexus
    with those banned outfit.
    We personally know, there are so many highly educated, competent and estimable
    persons amongst those outfit, hope they are misguided in those days for a pity
    discontent of self. It’s too late to realize the reality in such a long 4-5
    decades for them but better late than never. There were times where everyone deeply shared with your goal, but now not anymore. Why?
    One of the simple reasons is, you see the whole population is in full chaos for
    an “Economic blockade” of a week or two by some handful thugs of Naga. Where
    were you when people needed you themost? Don’t you have the guts to sweep out those criminal? Or are you paid not to
    react against them, or really scare of them? Or are you enjoying ,as a silent
    spectator as if nothing happen in your own motherland. And now saying, doing
    for the betterment of your motherland by killing and torturing your own
    brothers and sisters. Who can be the “Greatest”, than you? And after all this,
    now you are not anymore different from those army men and those Naga thugs.
    Please for god sake, stop pushing us in the dark.


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