Students demonstrate against vote buying culture


IMPHAL ,January 21: Shouting slogans, the students of DM college of Science held a sit in protest today at the premises of the institute against the trend of wooing voters with money by candidates.The students displayed placards stating, “Don’t sell your votes”, Let’s vote for good leaders”, “ Let’s not sell our rights” etc.

Nanao, a student said ,“ It is an open issue that the rights of the citizens are bought easily in Manipur during election time. In the last term the price of a vote ranged from Rs. 500. But this time even if it is not known how much would be the price of a vote would amount to, people are sure that the candidates would be trying to get voters with money”.

The students at the protest site further joined him and stated that seeing this kind of situation that have prevailed in Manipur in the past election years, the students decide to raise their voice against such deterioration of moral principles. It was stated that the electorate are presently being bribed with feasts and money by candidates in a hush hush manner and such trends needs to be rooted out to bring in development and peace in the state.

P Sendas, a student said , “We all see the mistakes in the society during election. No responsible leaders have been elected. These mistakes are responsible by the people. It is not entirely the fault of the candidates. People see only money and not the quality of the candidate during election hour. So we have assembled here to appeal the people to abstain away from such practices.”, he said.


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