Trinamool pledges to have PAP lifted totally, ILP re-introduced


IMPHAL, January 22:Trinamool Congress has pledged to remove the protected area permit totally and implement the Inner Line Permit in Manipur in its manifesto released today.

Terming the presence of a high number of security personnel in the state as disproportionate, the party said it will strive for gradual reduction in the number of the security personnel and also the withdrawal of all draconian laws.

For the representation of smaller ethnic groups in preparation of state policies, it has supported the formation of a state legislative council.

Topmost on the list of its economic concerns, it has identified the involvement of the state administration in the Look East Policies of the Indian government. Manipur, it said, does not lack natural resources but due to the attitude of the state and Union governments its full economic potential could not be tapped. The party will work to formulate a comprehensive strategy for speedy development of the state, it added.

The acceleration of the railway project for bringing about an improvement in the transport and communication networks featured in the list.

The policy guidelines of the party said it will enact a farmer friendly agriculture policy with arrangement for more investment in irrigation, power and development of infrastructure facilities and science and technology related to agriculture. The encouragement of cooperatives, production and use of safe agricultural items and creation of a comprehensive and subsidized crop insurance scheme also found mention.

The party stated that the public distribution system is not working at present as it had been dismantled by successive governments. It advocated the expansion of the network of fair price shops for successful distribution of the items to the desired targets.

The party said a new tourism policy will be prepared, claiming that the state’s huge tourism potential has been hit hard due to lack of concern by the SPF government. The party announced that it will focus on eco-tourism and cultural tourism which can guarantee employment without interfering with the environment.

Highlighting its health care agendas, the manifesto said a drug control Act will be enacted to check price rise and assure supply of quality drugs. Health insurance and mediclaim policies on subsidized premium for government employees and people living below poverty line will be pursued vigorously, it said.

In a bid to provide a balm to government employees, it announced that party will strive for implementation of the 6th Pay Commission and regularization of ad hoc, consolidated and contractual employees. The party also plans to strive for an increase in the minimum wages of daily wage earners.

Considering the special circumstances under which the media is functioning, the party has suggested a range of welfare measures for the journalists. It includes establishment of press clubs at district level and setting up of residential colonies and an independent wage board to provide them fair wages.

The promotion of tribal dialects in direction of promoting a composite culture and establishment of cordial relationship with neighboring state was also mentioned.


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