ZYF appeals for proper exercise of `right to vote`


IMPHAL, January 10: The Zeliangrong Youth Front (Assam, Manipur & Nagaland) has appealed all the Zeliangrong people living in about 30 Assembly Constituencies out of 60 total seats in the Manipur State Legislative Assembly not to misuse the most powerful democratic citizen’s rights of the ‘right to vote’  but to exercise it purposefully, rightfully, effectively and judiciously for peace, progress and development in Zeliangrong areas in the forthcoming 10th Manipur General Legislative Assembly to be held on January 28.

A press statement signed by its president, has stated that the Zeliangrong Youth Front is not a political organisation nor a political platform having inclination or affiliation to any political parties but considering it necessary to give awareness to the people in order to assert and exercise the democratic citizen’s right in a rightful manner has made the appeal.

It has further appealed to all not to let oneself influenced with false promises, relying on skillful orations of candidates or immediate benefits extracted from any candidate or any parties but to exercise with serious thought that only after 5 years, the power of the democratic citizen’s ‘right to vote’ returns to the people, therefore, the valuable and precious vote should not go wasted without giving any credentials impact for peace, development and progress of the people.

It has also stated that wrong choice or wrong decision while voting will result in impediments to progress because ultimately, it is the peoples’ representatives who will highlight the people for five years till another election.

Therefore, it is right time to exercise your democratic citizen’s right of the ‘right to vote’  by choosing right candidates and political parties in order to avoid regret and disappointment while waiting for another 5 years for voting in the next election.


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