ECI orders re-poll in 67 booths across five hill districts on Feb 4


IMPHAL, Feb 29: Acting on the demand for re-poll put forward by the non-Congress parties following discrepancies in the recently held state assembly polls, the Election Commission of India has today announced re-polls in 67 polling stations in nine assembly constituencies across five hill districts of the state on February 4.

The 67 polling stations for re-poll include 25 polling stations of 41-Chandel, one polling station of 42-Tengnoupal, one polling station of 45-Chingai, two polling stations of 46-Sailkul, 13 polling stations of 47-Karong, six polling stations of 48-Mao, 10 polling stations of 49-Tadubi, eight polling stations of 52-Tamei and one polling station of 60-Singhat. 

However, no polling station in valley districts of the state has been included in the re-poll despite of some discrepancies reported during photo comparison.

The 25 polling stations of 41-Chandel are 41/11 New Chayang, 41/15 Japhou Bazar Part-I (B), 41/16 Kanankhu, 41/18 Monsang Pantha, 41/21 Lambung, 41/23 Modi, 41/27 Unupat, 41/29 Berukhudam, 41/30 Phiran Khullen, 41/32 Duthang, 41/39 Y Thingkhangphai, 41/42 Paraolon, 41/47 Longja, 41/48 Teiyang, 41/49 Gobok, 41/51 Paldai, 41/52 Molphei, 41/54 Khangbarol, 41/55 Lamphei, 41/57 New Songjang, 41/59 Joupi, 41/63 Hengsi, 41/65 Molngat, 41/66 Wayang and 41/68 Molcham.

The lone polling station for re-poll of 42-Tengnoupal is 42/35 Kambang Khullen while that of 45-Chingai is 45/8 Kharasom.

The two polling stations of 46-Saikul are 46/15 Ekou Mullam and 46/23 H Champhai.

The 13 polling stations of 47-Karong are 47/5 Kapao, 47/6 Maiba (A), 47/26 Purul Atongba (C), 47/28 Purul Akutpa (B), 47/31 Oinam (A-II), 47/32 Oinam (B-I), 47/37 Ngari Khullen, 47/38 Ngari Lishang, 47/39 Ngari Raiduloumei, 47/44 Thingba Khullen A, 47/45 Thingba Khullen B, 47/46 Keiye & Rafii and 47/52 Upper Khongnem.

The six polling stations of 48-Mao are 48/1 Pudunamei (A), 48/7 Robunamei (A), 48/8 Robunamei B, 48/12 Kalinamei C-I, 48/13 Kalinmei C-II and 48/54 Laii B.

The 10 polling stations of 49-Tadubi are 49/8 Tadubi B, 49/10 Rajamai, 49/12 Shangkhumei, 49/13 Willong Khullen A, 49/17 Chowainamei Khullen A, 49/18 Chowainamei Khullen B, 49/22 Makhan Centre B, 49/24 Maram Khullakpa Sagei A-I, 49/30 Maram Mathak Sagei-B and 49/31-Maram Bazar-A.

The eight polling stations of 52-Tamei are 52/1 Makuilong, 52/2 Lemta, 52/5 Kadi, 52/7 Dunong, 52/13 Thengjang, 52/18 Thengjang, 52/18 Thengjang, 52/18 Tamah, 52/25 Impah and 52/38 Namtiram.

The lone polling station of 60-Singhat is 60/31 Lungthul L.

Meanwhile, the state chief electoral officer has directed the returning officers concerned to make necessary arrangement for the re-poll. The police department has also been intimated to make appropriate security arrangements for the re-polls.


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