NPF-NPCC exchange of accusations on Manipur polls continues


IMPHAL, Feb 24 (Newmai News Network):  Reacting to the matter where Rs 30 crore was allegedly spent in Manipur election by the NPF as accused by the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC), the Naga People`s Front (NPF), Manipur unit said today the NPCC has been time and again hurling accusations against it since the party`s expansion to Manipur.

The NPF, Manipur unit general secretary Kho John said that while it was a cheap allegations of the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) though it hurts the NPF.

He said the allegations of the Rs 30 crore spent for NPF candidates during the Manipur poll was just a figment of imagination emanating from a perverted mind. “No doubt, the 10th Manipur assembly election was one of the murkiest elections ever held in the history of Manipur with the Congress in power,” the NPF said.

Kho John added that sometimes the state of Manipur has been regarded as mini-India because of many ethnic communities of different position living in it and almost all of them having their own armed groups operating and fighting for their respective space and survival. “Therefore, the Manipur unit of NPF would appreciate if the NPCC can kindly limit with some rational and ethical approach before making baseless allegations whenever Manipur sector is concern so that its image is not tarnished further,” the party leader advises.

Accusing the NPCC of not working for the `cause` the Manipur unit of NPF said the Congress party in Nagaland has never been positive in a benevolent cause till today. “Despite the best secular ideals of the Indian National Congress (INC) at New Delhi, the NPCC rather than realizing that the exercise of NPF is a visionary step for the entire Nagas, still continues to hurl allegations with rubbishes that NPF maintains nexus with the NSCN-IM in the Manipur assembly election,” said the NPF.

The allegations that the United Naga Council (UNC) banning other political parties in Naga areas are also unfounded allegation and a bluff to the public, said the NPF. 

“The NPF, Manipur unit leaves these allegations to the public to judge for themselves whether it was the NPF or the Congress party which has actual nexus with the underground groups and if the UNC had ever enforced any ban on other political parties,” said the NPF. It then alleged that there has been an ample proof that due to the covert support from the state security forces and the Assam Rifles in many constituencies in the hills Congress candidates were able to influence and garner the support of many top ranking underground cadres and purchased votes. “Had the NPF been hand in glove with the underground outfits or had the UNC enforced the ban on other political parties, can there be free campaign and open contest?,” the NPF questions. It then said the NPF stands for peace, progress and prosperity in the region for all time to come.


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