Thang-Ta martial arts training in Sri Lanka


H. PREMKUMAR SINGH, President, Thang-Ta Federation of India, World Thang-Ta Federation and Huyel Langlon Thang-Ta Association, Manipur left Imphal today the 12th February 2012 for Sri Lanka to give Thang-Ta martial arts training to youths of Sri Lanka. President’s visit to Sri Lanka is to make a big Thang-Ta family and spread the massage of Thang-Ta martial arts.

A meeting was held with the presence of the members of the Federation and the Association before he left Imphal. He appeal to all the youths and Thang-Ta Sintakpurels (Gurus) to join, co-operate and go hand in hand for the promotion of Thang-Ta.

H. Kirankumar Singh
P.R.O. Thang-Ta Federation of India
Secretary, Asian Thang-Ta Federation
pa_chinglai (at)


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