Appeal for restraint by law & order authorities to stop racial profiling of Indian Citizens from North East India


Appeal for restraint by law & order authorities to stop racial profiling of Indian Citizens from North East India
– NEIim lodges its reservation for targeting Indians with Mongoloid features

29th March, 2012, New Delhi: According to news reports in national media, the police is discriminating Indians with mongoloid features in order to control the Tibetan protest in the wake of the BRICS summit. Such racial profiling of Indian citizens is tragic and uncalled for. NEIim lodges strong protest against such racial discrimination and would like to appeal to authorities and political brass to take note of the situation and take appropriate measures.

We, the people of North East India, are proud to be Indians and we will ensure all possible help to maintain law and order and help the authorities in this regard. But please help us being concerned citizens not harassed ones. We strongly believe that law & order can be maintained without racial profiling of citizens of this country. The law & order authority of the country itself adopting such tactics of racial bias sets a dangerous precedence which threatens the basic foundation of unity in diversity of this great nation.

As per the reports, the Police wanted to see passports of Indian citizens from North Eastern India for roaming in the national capital. It is a fundamental right of the citizens of India to roam around in any part of the country, let alone the National Capital Territory. It is highly unfortunate that after 65 of years of independence still our socio-political system has not been able to accept people with mongoloid features as Indians. We hereby appeal to the government to take impactful socio-economic measures to bring a change to this mindset.

About North East India Image Managers (NEIim): Northeast India Image Managers (NEIim) ( is a group of PR/ Media / Brand Management/ Communications professionals hailing from Northeastern region of India and working in metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. The group is aimed at discussing and finding out actionable issues pertaining to development and promotion of the image of Northeast India, which in the long run is expected to fill up the information and knowledge gap which has been existing leading to confusion about the people, society, economy and geography of Northeast amongst the rest of India.

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