Cylinder blast destroys properties worth lakhs, no human casualties

    IMPHAL, March 25: A fire broke out this morning at around 6:25am at Mantripukhri. The fire started when a gas cylinder exploded at a building between the office of the All Manipur Road Transport Drivers and Motor Workers Union and Vishnu Auto Mobile workshop. The fire also charred a rice hotel lying in the vicinity.

    The fire destroyed four rooms of the transporters union office and other office properties amounting to around Rs 10 lakhs.

    Four four-wheelers from the automobile workshop were also destroyed by the fire. Fire tenders arrive soon on receiving news about the fire and managed to control the fire from further spreading.

    Meanwhile, a statement of the 69 bn CRPF has stated that on noticing smoke and fire in the sky, the battalion which is sitated about 800meters from the incident site rushed to the spot and helped in controlling the fire.

    The battalion pressed its water trucks and personnel in to service, it added.



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