Kalakshetra Manipur – Masterclass Session 2012 (Mar 1 to Mar 29, 2012)


Kalakshetra Manipur is conducting its Masterclass Session 2012, an acting workshop for young theatre actors with young theatre scholars, from 1st March to 29th March, 2012. The press conference of the said masterclass is scheduled on March 4, 2012 (Sunday), 4:00 pm at the working space of Kalakshetra Manipur, Langol Laimanai, Lamphel.

The Masterclass aims to explore the working process of Kalakshetra Manipur and to make the theatre scholars aware of how to create a conscious process of physical and visceral form of expression while making organic impact of the body, the only resource of the actor. It will only consolidate the process in answering to how the body dynamics is used and transcended. The whole process will bring forth into a single vital force as ‘organic process of acting’ in ‘pretending’ and ‘doing’ (not behaving).

The workshop focuses at interacting actors and scholars through the process at every moment of theatre making so that the scholars understand the working process of the actors. Experienced young actors from different parts of India and from France with young scholars from School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU, Delhi are interacting for a month.


Heisnam Kanhailal
Kalakshetra Manipur

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