KCP (MC) on crime in state


IMPHAL, March 31: The proscribed KCP-MC Friday expressed unhappiness over the alleged continued crimes in Manipur and raised questions to all the civil society bodies, professionals, scholars and senior citizens in the state as to who are exactly involved in the alleged widespread crimes and what will happen if these are not curbed in time.
Alleging that the people are suffering from a fear psychosis as the police personnel recruited for protecting the people are directing their guns on them, KCP-MC said in a release jointly signed by its commander-in-chief, Taibangganba and publicity officer, Khongnagthaba that many of the security forces on routine duty at every roadside are in the habit of teasing even couples by using bad words while frisking and checking.
Blaming the state Home department for recruiting a large number of security personnel, who are drug abusers and involved in various crimes, to use in the counter-insurgency operations, the outfit further alleged that the state force, who got into active service through corruption after selling their paddy fields and houses, are being promoted by the puppet government while the revolutionary organizations struggling for liberty are dubbed as outlaws.
It was a clear evidence of the assertion that the March 22 incident where a woman named Jangthailiu Kamei was gangraped, and that the KCP-MC has known the fact that Manipur police sub-inspector Tiken and the accused involved in the rape case used to indulge in immoral acts with various women every late night at Bishnupur and the persons helping them have also been known, the statement further said.
The outfit further said it is too late to punish such men of immoral characters and questioned who will save the degraded and disgraced society by the divide and rule policy of Indian rule, corruption and globalization.


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