Student body seizes free SSA text-books on sale


By John K Kaping
UKHRUL, March 15: The Ukhrul Students’ Union has hauled up a huge number of free text books meant for the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, SSA which were found sold at an Ukhrul book-store.

Speaking to media persons during a press meet today at the office chamber of the HKL, the student body’s president Khamreiso Kasomwashi informed that the books were being sold at the rate of Rs 45 to 70 and that the books were ceased on March 9 by the student body.

He further stated that the books were seized from CLC Book store, Phungreitang Ukhrul and added that when inquired about the open sale of the text books meant for free distribution to the students,

It was found that the books were about 800 in numbers ranging from class I to VIII were purchased from one Solomon, DI of the Ukhrul Zonal Education Office, ZEO at the wholesome rate of Rs 20,000, without the knowledge of the ZEO Ukhrul.

The text-books were Maths, Science, Social Science for class I to VIII.

Every pages of the text-books were printed as free text-books-2011, sarva Siksha Abhiyan “not for sale” and each book were sold with a duplicate price tag pasted over, the student leader informed.

The seized books are presently in the custody of the union and the union will be seeking further action against the perpetrators so as to avoid repetition of such actions in the future, he added.


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