Through the lens of thoughts: Irom Sharmila Chanu


By Ravi Nitesh

Irom Sharmila Chanu, a name that is fighting for a cause became a cause itself. People from all walks are now frequently coming together for her. Whether you see it through a scientific lense, through a political or social lense; this name has made its impact in such a way, that your lens will automatically become convert to focus on humanitarian points.


At the time, this fast started, it was started by a common face of the crowd, a face that had emotions and sentivity like any other, a body that had power like any other, a voice that had sound like any other. She started it without any extra achievement and extra talent but gradually she became the face for the fight. She has not started any new thing, because observing fast as a protest is an old way, but in spite of this, at present, there are many across the globe, who know her and support her through various ways. People lit candles on her name, people organize debates over her, people go to jail for her , people observe fast to support her, people write, sing, dance and paint for her. So we can see that this common lady shacked the minds and hearts of millions with her common tools.

What is behind this movement? Yes, it is honesty, dedication and the way of protest, that is non violence. Her fast never tried to harm anyone, instead her fast created waves of thoughts, her fast never started with thousands of persons but it reached to millions of population in a peaceful way, she never read sociological theories to move on the way, but her fast paved the way where sociologist are interpreting the theories. Irom, through her fast is saying many morals automatically. This fast is for the people of Manipur, for their safety , with a demand to repeal a controversial army rule of Indian government but now the way of protest has become the symbol of encouraging democratic values everywhere. This fast paved the way to understand the democracy and our role in a better way. This fast also paved the way to inculcate the values in millions of hearts. it is interesting to see that the rule that was made by intellectuals, is being challanged by common persons. The rule is for the people, and thus it should be left on people to frame the conditions.

Government, cannot ignore these voices for a long time. Eleven years are more than enough and now it is the time when government has to understand the broader view of the problem. The problem is converting in to conflict, a conflict to decide the rule. In this conflict, there are several stakeholders, in the form of various groups, but it is the time, when everyone can share a platform of solidarity with a flexible approach to provide a solution. Irom, is important for not only Manipur, but also for the country, she is not just a lady, she is a citizen, a sister and a daughter too.

At the time, when people are demanding for Irom and she has support of millions even from the non AFSPA imposed states; to find a fesible solution is never difficult, just a true will is needed from all sides.

(Views expressed are personal)

Ravi Nitesh
Bio: Petroleum Engineer, President- Mission Bhartiyam, Core Group Member- Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign, Member- Khudai


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