AMSU calls for people`s participation


IMPHAL, Apr 14: The All Manipur Students Union on Saturday appealed to the general public to join the observance of its 32nd Realization Day (Meekap Thokpa Numit) on April 17 to commemorate the movement launched by the student body in 1980 demanding to send back all the non-Manipuris from the state.

AMSU said in a statement that the present situation caused by the population of non-local residents in Manipur is much more dangerous in comparison of size and impact than the one which was experienced way back in 1980. Many of the politicians in the state have allowed the non-locals to register themselves as voters, the student body lamented.

The AMSU views all of humanity as brothers and that it has never looked down upon the non-locals in Manipur in any disgusting manner, however Manipur being a small state with small communities, the AMSU appeals to all non-locals presently residing in the state to understand the problems faced by the indigenous groups of the state. It has further appealed the non-locals to enable the small communities residing in the state to survive and to leave their land for themselves. 

Meanwhile, floral tributes will be paid at the students’ memorial tomb at Pishum Chinga hillock on the Realization Day to be observed on April 17 and a public meeting will also be organized the same day, it said.


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