Arrested couple not related to outfit: MCP


IMPHAL, April 4: The husband-wife duo who was arrested by the police on April 3 with explosives from Singda is not active members of the Maoist Communist Party, Manipur (MCP), the outfit claimed Wednesday.

MCP in a statement clarified that Dhanabir and his wife do not work for the militant group, but Maoist district revenue officer and political rank’s regional bureau member (RBM), comrade Sanathoi only took shelter at the residence of the couple.

Comrade Sanatoi has been staying in Imphal west district along with a military unit of the outfit under his command since November 2011 to execute plans in the district. He (Sanathoi) stayed at the residence of Dhanabir for a week and he kept the weapons seized by Lamshang police there, MCP said.

It said the Maoist will not remain as mere spectators when it is challenged by the police and added that the outfit has so far not committed any crime to hurt the people of Manipur.

It added the Maoist would never forget the direct challenge of Lamshang police officer-in-charge and that the outfit would also not turn away from such challenge. The Lamshang police had claimed that they recovered only two pistols from Naocha and Biken who were supporters of Maoist, but every villager of Leirenkabi knew that the security team seized one 9 mm pistol and two 7 mm pistols from them, it alleged.

Claiming that precautionary measures are taken up by the outfit’s military science, Maoist further said there are more than 2,000 people like Naocha and Biken who are supporting the organization from outside.


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