Extortionist nabbed, another escapes


Robert in police custody after Sangakpham locals nabbed him while trying to serve a demand letter on Wednesday.
IMPHAL, April 25: Amidst reports of child kidnapping making headlines in the state in recent times, a youth was today caught by locals of Sangakpham Laipham Khunou suspecting him to be a child kidnapper.

The man however turned out to be a KYKL militant who was trying to deliver a demand letter to the Principal of St Anthony School located near Paomai colony, Sangakpham.

The person has been identified as Thingam Robert Meitei, 23 son of Th Kiran of Kakching Khunou, Bokul Leikai.

Locals saw him loitering at the school gates just before the last school bell rang.

Soon after students started coming out, he was seen approaching a student at the school gates.

Locals of the area who had recently faced the disappearance of a student from the locality, suspecting him to be another child kidnapper raised alarm.

Seeing the locals gathering around him, Robert fled towards the nearby paddy fields.

He was nabbed by the locals at Laipham Khunou Maibam Leikai under Heingang PS.

He was taken inside the Laipham Khunou Youth development Association campus for questioning where he told the locals about his real motive being delivery of a demand letter to the school principal.

He told locals that he had come to the school along with another cadre of the KYKL to deliver the demand letter to the school principal.

His companion identified as only Yaiphaba however fled from the scene on the Yamaha motorcycle on which they had arrived, he said.

He further said that soon after the students started coming out of the school, he called a student and told him to deliver the letter to the school principal, the student however denied to do so.

He was persuading the student to deliver the letter, when he sensed that the locals were coming after him, he further said.

He was later handed over to the police.


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