NSCN-IM alerts Nagas of any eventuality


DIMAPUR, April 23 (Newmai News Network): The NSCN-IM has alerted the Nagas today that they should get prepared for any eventuality as the stand off between the Naga outfit and the Assam Rifles has dragged on to the fifth day today.

The NSCN-IM also lambasted the Naga People`s Front (NPF) led government of Nagaland for not rising up to the occasion.

The Isak-Muivah group also cautions other underground groups that once they start engaging the political dialogues with New Delhi, those outfits will certainly experience the same insincerity and false diplomacy of the Government of India as the NSCN-IM is facing today.

Meanwhile, there was a high level meeting consisting of the NSCN-IM, the Cease Fire Monitoring Group (CFMG) of the government of India and other concerned authorities with regard to the current impasse between the Naga outfit and the Assam Rifles.

However, the detailed information on the outcome of meeting was not known.

Sources informed Newmai News Network that hectic emergency meetings are also underway in New Delhi involving Thuigaleng Muivah, Isak Swu and representatives of the Government of India since yesterday in this connection.

An official source said regarding the the meeting in Dimapur, it was participated by fire-brand NSCN-IM leader V.S Atem, Cease Fire Monitoring Group chairman Major General (retd) N George and other leaders at Police Guest house, Chumukedima in the outskirt of Dimapur.

Meanwhile, the NSCN-IM said today that whatever has been and will be said or written about the April 19 incident at Hebron, the Council Headquarters of the outfit, it was actually an outrageous trespass of the notorious Assam Rifles to the NSCN-IM camp.

“No amount of excuses or explanations by the Assam Rifles and other Indian government agencies can justify or cover the crime. It was a flagrant violation of cease-fire ground rules and the spirit of the widely known Cease-fire agreement between the NSCN and the government of India. It was a planned and deliberate act of provocation,” it alleged.

While expressing its unhappiness the way the Neiphiu Rio government in Nagaland state is behaving, the NSCN-IM said as a powerful unit in the India federation, and the government of Nagaland which holds the law and order subject is maintaining death silence. “The NPF Government in Nagaland boasts of claiming as a facilitator in the peace process between the NSCN and the government of India but during such crisis and uncertainty what the Nagaland State government is doing?,” the NSCN-IM asks today, while adding, “The NSCN is a political group only. But the dangerous consequences is threatening the entire population of the Nagas. So that Naga people may ask the reasons why the State Government of Nagaland does not raise a voice in such a critical situation? If any undesirable situation is created from today’s crisis, the Government of Nagaland state should be squarely blamed by the Nagas”.

The outfit then maintains that more than 95% Nagas desire freedom from want and oppressions. They have witnessed how the government of India and its leaders are acting in political dialogue and the April 19 incident at Hebron is a good lesson for all the Nagas, it added. The other factions are talking about political dialogue with India, but they will certainly experience the same insincerity and false diplomacy from the government of India, the NSCN-IM cautions. “The said incident should be an eye opener for all sections of the Naga people. The system of dictatorship and authoritarianism, oppression and suppression is speedily losing ground from the face of the world. The Nagas are united in our desire for freedom and dignity of life. Therefore, let us again unite as before and fight with whatever is available at our command. Let us not loss heart but be strengthen with difficult situations we are facing now.

“From today’s incident Naga people have learned the real intention of India and so we should get prepared for any eventuality,” the NSCN-IM alerted.


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