NSCN-K ceasefire in trouble


IMPHAL, April 26 (VISION COMMUNICATIONS): The ceasefire between Govt of India and NSCN(K) might not be extended on the ground that NSCN(K) signed a ceasefire on April 12 with Myanmar keeping the Indian government in the dark.

The present ceasefire between the Govt of India and NSCN(K) will lapse on Saturday, the 28th of  April. This logjam means that from 28th of April onward there will be no ceasefire between Govt of India and NSCN(K). This might lead to starting of operations against the outfit.

In the meantime, a five-member team from the NSCN(K)  led by Ceasefire Supervisory Board (CFSB) supervisor, Mr Loncoln, is presently in New Delhi for a meeting with officials of Ministry of Home Affairs led by Joint Secretary (NE) Mr Shambhu Singh today ( 27th April) at 12 pm  at Hotel Ashoka.

Sources in the Ministry of Home Affairs said that the representatives of NSCN(K) are going to be grilled on how they went ahead and signed the ceasefire with Myanmar, and who the govt of India should talk to now, since signing with Myanmar means that the group is a Myanmarese outfit.

“So why should the govt of India talk?” the official asked.

NSCN(K)’s leader Y. Wanting Naga had signed the ceasefire on behalf of the outfit with the Myanmar government. In lieu, NSCN (K) has been allowed to open a sub office at Hkampi in Myanmar and move around freely.


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