Police recruitment spree continues


IMPHAL, April 8: The state police department under the last SPF government had recruited 409 policemen including officers in the year 2011, while recruitment process for 1897 posts is underway.

As of December 1, 2011, the number of vacancies in the department stands at 8350. The total sanctioned strength of the state Police department stands at 33505 while the total posted strength stands at 24975.

According to the annual Administrative Report for the year 2011-12, the department had also procured 197 vehicles in the same year while utilizing Rs 8,38,62,000 in procuring various weapons for the department and another Rs 4,55,86,318 had been utilised as part of updating the communication system of the said department.

According to the annual report, during the year 2011 the department had recruited seven sub-inspectors of police (female/civil), four asstt sub inspector of police (female/civil), one sub inspector (male/civil) under meritorious sports persons’ employment scheme and one sub inspector (female/civil) under meritorious sports persons’ employment scheme.

The same year, the department had also made direct recruitment of 185 posts of havildar (MR/IRB) and another 211 posts of constable radio Telephone operator.

Further according to the report, the department had also initiated the recruitment process of 243 posts of SI (male/civil), 14 posts of SI (radio technician), 112 posts of ASI (male/civil), 49 posts of Jemadar (MR/IRB), 637 posts of constable (female) Mahila Bn 9th IRB. The process of recruitment for another 842 posts of constable (female) has already been completed; however the appointment had been deferred due to the recent election process.

128 numbers of Maruti Gypsy (soft top), 26 BP Maruti gypsies, two Maruti Suzuki (SX4 Vxi), one Maruti Omni EPI (std.BS-IV) 11 BP Tata Dicor, three BP Tata Safari, 23 Tata 407s one Water Tanker and two Tata 407 hill recovery cranes were also procured for the department during the year 2011, according to the report.

The report has also recorded that the department had utilized a total of Rs 8,38,62,000 out of the money sanctioned by the MHA to procure weapons for the department.

The weapons procured include 772 MP5 series of weapons, 100 tactical light and 300 nos of 5.56 INSAS Rifles with CES items (Butt folded) 1500 nos of 5.56 INSAS rifle with CES items (butt folded) magazine @ 5mag per rifle, 20 nos of daylight telescope for INSAS rifle, 300 nos of Pistol Auto 9mm IA with 900 magazines, 10 nos of 5.56mm LMG (DP), 10 nos of 5.56mm Rifle (DP), 10 nos of 9mm carbines (DP), 10 nos of 5.56mm LMG (A/S), 10 nos 5.56mm Rifles (A/S) and 10 nos of 9mm carbine (A/S).

The procured weopons also include 50,000 nos of cartg. SA 303 Ball BDR, 50000 nos cartg 9mm SA Ball, 30000 nos carts SA 22’’ RF Ball, 1000m nos of Safety fuse No 11 and 20000 cartg 7.62mm ball BDR.

Further according to the annual report, the state Police department had also utilized a total of Rs 4,55,86,318 to procure items for its communication system. The items include 1416 wireless items including software at the cost of Rs 4,24,38,318 and another Rs 31,48,000 for the purchase of 3D terrain model and communication system, according to the annual report.

According the report the department has further recoup the sanctioned amount of 37,68,000 released by the Manipur Police Housing Co-orporation for site development and approach road of designated camps from the fund meant for construction of designated camps under SoO agreement with KNO and UPF.


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