Press Note in Protest Against L. Richard’s Murder.



L. Richard, B. Arch First year student of Acharya’s NAV School of Architecture, Bangalore hailing from Uripok, Manipur was violently attacked by seniors in college hostel in the night of April 17, and later died due to indifference and carelessness of college authority. Life of a responsible citizen, future engineer and pillar for parents was cut short in a clear case of murder. A person who kills another person is a threat to society, and whatever is his acquired identity (such as student or any other), a killer should be punished. On behalf of the aggrieved parents, family members, relatives, friends and student community, We, Manipuri Muslim Online Forum (MMOF), a forum for Manipuri students and professionals across the globe, condemn L. Richard’s murder. MMOF appeals to the concern authority to conduct an unbiased investigation to find the facts so that culprits are taught a lesson in a way that will remain testimony to society’s intolerance towards such crimes.

The MMOF is confident that the criminal justice system will appropriately charge the culprits involved in this killing, and impose swift punishment for any and all crimes he committed, through the commission of a reprehensible act that has betrayed the value of both Manipuri’s and North east people. Without in any way minimizing or excusing the horrific nature of this brutally murdered in the night on April 18, 2012, we strongly seek the justice of relentless acts of violence committed by Acharya NRV School of Architecture, seniors’ students, Bangalore.

The MMOF urge the Criminal justice to adopt swift and effective measures to punish the culprit involved in this merciless killing, and thereby discourage and stop others from imitating his example.


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