Press Release – Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD)


It is to inform that, in continuation of the notifications circulated to four executive members of MSAD, the 2nd JBM was held on 25 March 2012 to take further appropriate action. The meeting resolved to expel the concerned executives who had deliberately
failed to turn up and made explanation about their repeated absence from the activities of MSAD. With effect from this date the following persons listed below are no longer entitled to the respective executive posts mentioned against their names. They are
responsible to MSAD only as members or volunteers.

Name: Expelled from the post
1. Sheikh Abdul Hakim Academic & Magazine Secy.
2. Md. HaroonuRasheed Public Relations Secy.
3. Md. Yunush Ahmed Games & Sports Secy.

The JBM was attended by:-
1. Md. ShafikulHaque, President, MSAD
2. YoirembaMutum, Vice-President, MSAD
3. ThoiThoiKongkham, General Secretary, MSAD
4. Johnson Soibam, Organisation Secretary, MSAD
5. DapinSagolsem, Finance Secretary, MSAD
6. Johnson Chingakham, Cultural Secretary, MSAD
7. PraemHidam, Advisor, MSAD
8. GunamaniChongtham, Advisor, MSAD
9. ManishwarNongmaithem, Advisor, MSAD
10.KrispaNingombam, Advisor, MSAD
11.DayabatiKshetrimayum, Advisor, MSAD
12.DamudorArambam, R.O., Election Committee, MSAD.
13.Ashok Khuman, Election Committee, MSAD

Md. ShafikulHaque
President, MSAD

Press Release - MSAD


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