Accusations fly in Chadong village feud


IMPHAL, May 12 (NNN): Even as the situation remains tense after three days of inter-villagers clash at Chadong village in Ukhrul district, acting village headman of the village Yaomi Kasar and social activist Ashang Kasar have accused former candidate of Naga People`s Front (NPF) from Phungyar assembly constituency Mr Honreihkui Kashung as the `leader of the criminals` who had carried out his criminal activities in Chadong village.

Immediate police action has been requested to apprehend the accused persons involved in breaking into the houses of two villagers of Chadong village, Ukhrul district and damaging household properties worth more than Rs. 25 lakhs, a complain lodged to the superintendent of police, Ukhrul district by the victims` party said.
The houses of the village headman of Chadong village, James Kasar and Ashang Kasar, another villager had been broken into at around midnight of May 8 and properties like utensils, furniture, clothes, television and computer sets, CD machines, gas stoves, etc. were damaged, stated a complain written to the superintendent of police, Ukhrul district by Ashang Kasar signed on behalf of the victims of May 8 incident.      

The complainant and the headman were staying at Imphal at the time of the crime, and only one old woman and the sister of James Kasar were staying in the village during the course of the incident, stated Ashang Kasar. The criminals were holding deadly weapons like daos, guns, and sticks in their hands and they didn’t allow the women to raise any alarm by threatening to kill them if they did, added Ashang.

The complain to the superintendant of police stated that in Chadong village which consists of 400 houses, there are three issues over which there is controversy. The first issue concerns the matter of chieftainship of the village, the second regarding non payment of compensation from government of Manipur in the Mapithel dam construction, and the third being the defeat of Honreikhui Kashung,  who was a candidate of Naga Peoples Front (NPF) in the last general election.

 It was also mentioned that the three cases were still in different courts for disposal and awaiting the final result from the courts concerned.

It was therefore requested by Ashang Kasar that the accused persons be arrested immediately and prosecuted under section 452/456/427/34 IPC and cost for compensation be estimated.

It then said the accused persons are identified as Horam Kasung s/o Malungchang Kashung, Ningreiyo Kashung s/o Thuireishang Kashung, MV. Kaphungdhar s/o MV. Ringai, Ningatei Kashung s/o (L) Pulingba Kashung, Soul Kashung s/o (L) Seniva Kashung, Anderson Kashung s/o Yangtingba Kashung, Magret Kasar w/o Vareso Kasar, Ngahangyui Kashung s/o Benjamin Kashung, MV. Mercy s/o MV. Ringai, MH. Kahaoshang s/o MH. Kapangkhui, Ningreiso Kashung s/o (L) Ngasomi Kashung and MH. Raingam s/o (L) MH. Ningshok.

According to the complain, the main leaders and master-minds are identified as K.A.S. Wungnaoyo s/o (L) K.A.S. Louringva, K.A.S. David s/o (L) K.A.S. Khuntingva, Honreikhui Kashung s/o (L) Hangmashung Kashung, Huimi Kashung s/o (L) Mashanga Kashung, MH. Shimthar 1st s/o (L) MH. Ringshi and Thanmi Kashung s/o (L) KS Khuyao.

The acting village headman, Yaomi Kasar and village secretary, Haorei Mahong have also accused the above mentioned accused persons under the leadership of one MH. Kahaoshang, former village secretary, for illegally destroying houses and beating up village authority of Chadong village.

They are also accused of trying to murder Job Kasar s/o (L) Pashi Kasar at his residence on May 8 at 6:30 pm, who is now in a serious condition undergoing treatment for the injuries sustained due to the assault of the accused persons.

The officer in charge of Litan police station, Ukhrul district has been informed for necessary action to arrest the accused persons.


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