Demand for alternative arrangement reaffirmed at Mao Gate anniversary


IMPHAL, May 6: Naga tribes of Manipur and Nagaland once again reaffirmed the demand for alternative arrangment for the Nagas living in Manipur pending a solution to the Naga political issue.

The reaffirmation was declared at the second anniversary of the police crackdown on protestors at Mao Gate May 6 two years back.

The protestors were demonstrating against Okram Ibobi Singh led SPF government’s decision to prevent NSCN-IM leader Th Muivah from entering Manipur.

In the crackdown at Mao Gate, two students were killed in police firing and Naga organisations observed this day as Martyrdom of Neli Chakho and Dikho Loshuo, the students killed in the crackdown.

Representatives of Naga Hoho and Naga Students Federation and Naga bodies of Manipur gathered at the “Martyrs Park, Mao Gate,” where the two students were buried to observe the second anniversary.

NSCN (IM)-Centre Ceasefire Minitoring Cell chairman Major General (Retd) N. George was also present during the programme.

The vehicular traffic along Imphal-Dimapur highway was blocked at both sides of the road for nearly two hours during the programme as the park is located by the national highway.

The declaration made at the concluding part of the programme demanded immediate alternative administrative arrangment for Nagas in Manipur outside the Manipur government, pending settlement of the long drawn Indo-Naga issue.

It said, Nagas’ land, culture, traditional practice, democratic aspirations, dignity and honour were not safe at the hands of Manipur government.

Addressing today’s programme the UNC president L. Adani urged the Nagas to be prepared for the shape of things to come depending upon the response of the Centre to the plea for resumption of tripartite talk.

The first round of tripartite talk among officials of the centre, Manipur government and Committee for Alternative Arrangment, a Naga body was held at Senapati district headquarters of December 3, 2010. Since then no further talk is held.

Committee for Alternative Arrangment chairman Paul Leo said the 15 years of talk between the NSCN (IM) and the Centre was long enough to hammer out a solution to the Naga issue.

Naga Hoho assistant general secretary Nikhrolo Khalo said there was no turning back of the Naga struggle and urged the Nagas to be united.


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