Eshingthingbi: A forgotten lake in Chandel, Manipur


IMPHAL, May 21: Manipur Amateur Photo Club in connection with the June 5 World Environment Day conducted a trip to Eshingthingbi Lake, Chandel under the banner, “Photo Hunt: Through the Lens of Manipur Amateur Photo Club’ yesterday.

MAPC trip to Eshingthingbi Lake Chandel, Poor Road Condition
MAPC trip to Eshingthingbi Lake Chandel, Poor Road Condition- Click to view the gallery

Around 30 members of the club planted tree saplings in the area during the trip and later conducted photo sessions capturing the natural beauty of the area.

The photos taken will be later shown during a photo exhibition on June 5 Environment Day which will be organised by the club.

The Eshingthenbi Lake which lies at an altitude of 3293 feet above sea level is 45 kms away north east of Imphal and is surrounded on all sides by hills forming a picturesque view.

The roads leading to the landscape of Eshingthingbi lake were in a bad shape, however if the government could maintain the roads properly, the lake could be turned into a tourist spot.

The club members faced several hardships during the trip due to the bad condition of the road leading to the lake.

The government could look into the deplorable condition of the roads leading to the picturesque lake and develop it so as to attract tourist to the spot.

The club has been bringing out the picturesque landscapes of the state through their camera lenses for the people of the state to understand the beauty of the land.

The club will also continue with such trips in the future and bring the beauties of the state to the fore.

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