Firehouse band all set to rock the house


By: W Bhupendra
IMPHAL, May 5: The music scene in the state is abuzz with the May 6 rock concert featuring a rock band of international fame in the state.

Internationally acclaimed rock band Firehouse is all set for a grand debut in Imphal at the Hapta Kangjeibung on May 6, providing the music lovers of the state with a much anticipated taste of international act producing some hits of the late 90’s at their own backyard. The show had been postponed from its original schedule of April 10 due to some visa hassles with the Indian consulate as reported earlier.

A welcomed change for most of the entertainment starved public of the state at that; the rock show promises something that the state and its public have never witnessed before.

However, others could also find an opportunity to unwind from all of life’s stress for an evening. It will provide a window of entertainment opportunity for anyone daring enough to brave the loud sounds of rock music and the funky teenagers- the two permanant features of any rock concert anywhere in the world.

The old and young alike who have been toiling hard to endure life’s hardship and survive should give the band members a hearty welcome so as spread the word and attract more such bands which could only benefit the state. The arrival of such bands could put the state in the spotlight and attract a lot of positive vibes. The band which had earlier performed at Shillong some years ago  performed at Dimapur before their Imphal gig.

The concert brings an entertainment not only for the music lovers of the state but for everyone who has been working and toiling hard to endure life’s hardship and survive. Without belittling the services of the several local acts that have been providing the public with entertainment for all these years’ without any complains; an internationally acclaimed rock band performing at your own backyard has its own charm and fervor.

For a state that boasts of some of the premier rock bands of the country, the concert could be one of its kind, and in all likelihood, the band will not forget the Imphal gig for a very long time. With several songs of the band having remained hits among the youth of the state, the band is likely to get one unforgettable gig.

For all those tired legs, let us hope firehouse ignites enough fire to make us all stand.

On a similar note, Firehouse band members CJ Snare on vocals, Bill Leverty on Guitars, Michael Foster on drums and Allen Mckenjie on bass guitar arrived is set to set the stage on fire at Hapta Kangjeibung on Sunday. Addressing a press meet at Classic hotel this afternoon, the four band members stated that their northeast India tour has been very satisfactory. “The crowd response at Dhimapur was overwhelming and we expect even better from the Imphal crowd”, CJ Snare said.

The band mentioned that they have a clean image and do not endorse rock and roll with drugs.

“We say no to drugs, people on drugs hardly achieve their goals, so many talented persons have been victims to addiction and wasted their potential”, another band member said.

Firehouse promised to give a show which none will forget here.

The show is slated to begin from 5.30 pm.


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