Hemochandra conducts first field tour


Minister I Hemochandra during the inspection tour on Thursday
IMPHAL, May 17: State PHED minister Irengbam Hemochandra today urged the people of the state to conserve local water bodies and encourage rain water harvesting to face the acute shortage of water in the state.

The minister was briefing media persons today while conducting his first inspection tour as PHED minister of several projects undertaken by his department in the state.

The Singjamei MLA was accompanied by Principal Secretary PHE, WL Hangsing; Chief Engineer, PHE, H Sunil Singh; EE Sewerage and Drainage Division, H Ibotombi and others during the tour.

The inspection tour which started from the Porompat Water supply and after visiting the Lamphelpat Waste disposal ground under the Imphal Sewerage project and Singda Dam concluded at the Kangchup Water Treatment plant.

Briefing media persons at the Kanchup treatment plant, the minister said the Chief Minister had inspected the Imphal Sewerage project during a recent tour and added that it is the first for himself as the concerned minister.

He further stated that the Imphal Phase I of the Imphal Sewerage project covering areas under the Imphal Municipality is in the final stages and assured its commission by March 2013.

Further expressing that water as essential for survival, the minister deliberated that natural water sources should be conserved by all.

He further expressed the need of the concern departments including PHED, IFCD and Forest and power department and the general public to cooperate with one another to preserve the natural water sources and to ensure proper distribution of portable water to meet the general public’s expectation.

Deforestation is also one of the main cause of land erosion in the catchment areas and as such affects the water bodies in the state, he expressed.

He further continued that the Kangchup treatment plant has been supplying water to Imphal areas and being the lone plant it is unable to meet people’s expectation.

Without the natural water sources, the department cannot generate water on its own, and as such the people should cooperate with the department to conserve such water bodies, he continued.

He further that the first priority of his ministry will be preservation of water bodies lying in certain areas of Polok Singda and Leimakhong areas.

Meanwhile, PHE Chief Engineer said the department is supplying water to around 8 lakh residents of Imphal area which has a demand of 101 Million Litres per Day while the department is able to meet only 70 MLD.

He further encouraged rain water harvesting and said it is the main source of water for the state.

However, the state receives rainwater only during six months and as such the people should not encourage rain water harvesting so as to meet their water demand.

The water pipe lines used for connecting Singda and water supplies in Imphal are more than 40 years old and need to be replaced.


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