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Indian sports: A defeatist culture


By Gyanendro Ningombam, Editor of MEEYAM Evening Daily.

Who says India is not “MAHAAN”? Yes, it is Mahaan – still Mahaan because the country, in respect of development of science and technology, information technology network, economic growth and foreign policy etc. It has gone far and far ahead in the pursuit of excellence in diversified field and become an emerging power. But in sports, the country’s performance in Olympics and in several other International competitions is dismal and it continues to be a laughing stock of the world. It has always been more defeat than fruition. Hockey, a wonderful field game, once dominated by this great country has now come to a stage of decadence. The 8-time Olympic champion has been relegated in the background and the country is now fighting for a berth in the Olympic qualifiers. It is amazing to note that in the span of 108 years the Mahaan Country could fetch only 9 golds (8 in hockey and 1 in Individual shooting competition), 2 silvers and 3 bronzes in the Olympic events. The India Olympic Association (The apex body of India Sports) and other federations are responsible for destroying the fabric of Indian sports. The role of the Indian government is also dubious for it provided blanket permission to IOA and the federations to destroy Indian sports. The lack of achievement in the sphere of International sports arena in not because of poverty. It is also not because of lack of funds and facilities. It is because of the unfortunate imprisonment of Indian players in the cunning hands of politicians and stewed mind of bureaucrats. Instead of taking country’s sports in bringing out equitable development in order to replace the present tragedy scene into ovation, they are fighting for their own affluent life style and nothing has been done for the cause of sports in the country. And the sports lovers in the country with a misapprehension mood brings the matter to question as to whether the IOA and federations officials are there to promote the Indian sports in general or are they concerned only about preserving the image or the reputation of their own seats in sports? People still want to be informed as to what is the standing between IOA and the progress of Indian Sports. All talk but no action. Come Olympics and various other major international tournaments or competitions the sports barons and officials will suddenly become alive. Lofty words are spoken, tall claims are made and high sounding statements are issued.

Indian sports have not yet been given the “Freedom” that it deserves although the country has been liberated for more than six decades. The purposed “Sports Bill” which mainly aimed to develop country’s sports is surrounded by controversies. Now a marked question to be discussed at depth is: whether is it possible to make a turn and twist from tragedy to triumph through a sagacious solution so that India uplift the present scene – from the pit of despair to the “Everest of Glory”. Well, if we leave the solution in the hands of these “JAGIRS” it will be a long wait perhaps it may never happen. Rather the further prevalence of the tragedies may result in a highly sustained atmosphere. Now looking into the global development experiences in sports we need therefore, to work hard either by adopting or limiting number of schemes in organisations, administration, management and training even laid by leading sports countries in order to enable to earn excellence on any pursuit. Apparently, we need to make effort with a serious view to make surer solution what all goes on in the corridors of Indian Sports which has sadly fallen on bad days. I’m sure there are people who can do it. I’m again sure India will be able to join in the run up to the world of sports if the administration and organisation is solely held by sportspersons. But it still needs to have to put up a “United Front” and fight ruthlessly against the politicians and bureaucrats (presently holding sports organising bodies and working only in vested interest) who always consider sports as their “DEN”. The time has come. This is the time. It is now or never.




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