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`Jhumming is a way of life`

IMPHAL, May 29: A one day district level consultative workshop for Manipur State Action Plan on Climate Change was held at the hall of the Tangkhul Theological Association, Ukhrul district today.

The workshop was jointly organised by the Tangkhul Katamnao Saklang and the Directorate of Environment Manipur.

Resident Editor of IFP Irengbam Arun was the main speaker at the workshop.

He said, the climate in the state is becoming more and more extreme affecting means of livelihood, lifestyles and the environment.

He expressed his concerns about the fate of the Siroy lily which had lately been overwhelmed by a bamboo species known as Tenawa due to deforestation.

Shirui Lily is the identity of Ukhrul and the state and without it Ukhrul will lose its essence, he added.

On agricultural practices he said that Jhumming is a way of life for the hill people which one cannot simply wished away despite its impact on the environment.

He added, traditional agricultural practices need to be respected and attention should be given on how to improvise on the traditional practices so that there is minimal impact on the environment.

He also stressed upon the need of building smaller dams instead of relying only on big dams and help maintain the eco-system.

Research Officer of the Directorate of Environment Dr T Brajakumar gave the keynote address at the worshop which was attended by villagers from several villages of the district including from Phungyar, Khangkhui Khulen, Kamjong, Chassad among others.

The use of renewable energy like solar and wind, proper distribution of LPG, rain water harvesting  and promotion of herbal medicines were among the suggestions put forth by the village leaders.



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