Meira Paibi Day to observe


IMPHAL, May 26: Ahead of the Meira Paibi Day, the publicity wing of the Meira Paibi Day Observation Committee has accused the government of standing against the wishes of the people.

It said, NIA and NCTC are not people-friendly agencies whose sole aim is to commit atrocities on innocent people.

Saying that unemployed youths who were expected to toil in the field are now in the streets holding outdated weapons belonging to the WW, Meira Paibi Day Observation Committee stated in a statement that the government let these young boys to frisking and checking their brothers instead of uplifting them to join the development pace.

Noting that Manipur was the second state among the poorest states according to the Census 2010, the committee said the number of woman activists is now decreasing day by day owing to struggle for survival.

It also said it is quite necessary to observe May 28 as the Meira Paibi Day to pay respects to those who died martyrs during the Meira Paibi movement, appealing to all to participate at the event.


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