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No one will be spared: Gaikhangam

IMPHAL, May 26: Home minister Gaikhangam said ‘no one will be spared’ in connection with the petro-racket which was first reported by IFP.

He commended the Special Intelligence Unit (SIU) of the Imphal West District police for performing exemplary duty in tackling criminal activities within the district in a short span of time.

The minister was speaking to IFP today in an exclusive interview with regard to the recent crackdown on organized crime, specially the incident of Khurkhul Makha Leikai where SIU team busted a illegal ‘oil refinery’ and confiscated more than 35, 000 liters of kerosene meant for distribution to the public via the Public Distribution System.

Giakhangam further stated that the achievements of the crack team have been able to create a new image for the state police as a people friendly force.

“The SIU team addresses the criminal activities besides the insurgency problem, it has managed to perform within its short time of inception, more crackdowns will be performed”, he stated.

This reporter inquired that according to sources, the SIU has challenged racketeers collaborating with top politicians especially regarding the Khurkhul episode and that strings might be pulled to affect the outcome of cases handled by the unit.

“No matter how well connected the individual may be, no one will be spared from the provision of the law”, the home minister assured.

He also appealed the public to extend co-operation to the Special Intelligence Unit to bring down the crime rate.

It may be mentioned that the SIU is the brainchild of SP Imphal West Konsam Jayanta. The senior police officer mentioned that the unit is in its infancy and operations are coordinated as per internal arrangement within his jurisdiction.

The main objective of the unit is to gather information, investigate and book the perpetrators including in ‘white collared crime’.

Jayanta added that criminal syndicates indulging in black marketeering, forgery, drugs trafficking, vehicle lifting, etc are operating in the state and the unit’s personnel are deputed to crack down on the activities.

The unit operates presently within the Imphal West district till date, but could liaise and act after getting approval from the SP’s of other districts.

Mentioning the Khurkhul petro- racket, he stated that such crime operations are just the tip of the iceberg and much work needs to be done further bring down the crime rate.

“We cannot change the overall status here, but we have to give it our best effort, even achievement of 10 % decline in the crime rate is acceptable, the police is for the service of the general public”, he said.

The unit was deployed from May 6 onwards and their operations till date include recovery of five trucks which were stolen from other states, intercepting drugs worth above two crores from the airport cargo, busting the petrol racket at Khurkhul etc.

The move of the SIU has also seen applause from CAF & PD, M Okendro stating that the special police unit has made a significant effort in curbing pilferage of kerosene meant for the public.



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