State Govt not serious in solving cases of crime against women


IMPHAL, May 27: State Government not serious in solving the cases of crime against women, said the JAC against the Inhuman Gang Raped of Mrs Jangthailu Kamei and Brutal Killing of KM Keisham Premila Devi.

A release of the JAC has questioned the police department on why the charge sheet is not submitted till today even when they are done with the investigation and received the DNA test result/report on the alleged gang rape case of Jangthailu Kammei by four persons including two IRB personals.

The JAC said, in the beginning of case the JAC and general public have expressed satisfaction in the way the police was handling the case. But now after seeing the way police department is handling the case the JAC is made to believe that the police department is not serious with solving the case.

Further the JAC said that when there are already lot of controversies on how the police arrested the accused person Khelendro alias Amujao and also the slow pace of progress in the case of brutal killing of Leisham Premila Devi, where there is no arrangement made to conduct the DNA test to timely submit the charge sheet has shown the government negligence in preventing crime against women.

With the above mentioned points the JAC warns the Home Department that they should take all the responsibility if for any untoward incidents happens, during any agitations launched  by the angered public specially women and the JAC, it added. 


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