The Puya – Wakoklon Heelel Thilel Salai Ama-ilon Pukok And Modern Science – Discover of Kangleipak – 39


By: Wangkhemcha Chingtamlen

In order to appreciate the early civilization of Kangleipak, we, in the 21st century, may compare the modern scientific findings of the western world with those written in the puya in the matters in consideration.

The Big Bang Theory of the Origin of the Universe.

Regarding this theory, the Britonnica Ready Reference Encyclopedia says: “Model of the origin of the Universe, which holds that it emerged from a state of extremely high temperature and density in an explosive expansion 10 billions – 15 billions years ago”.

In the background of this Big Bang theory of the very late AD, now we discover what is written in the Kanglei Puya as “Eepungloi Apakpana Mathannata Leipa Yatatuna Haina Hummakpaki Hung | Hung | Ki Eewai Eeninna Niksillaktuna Famchillakpata |
Thengnalupa Atupu Laiki Masani Haituna Laisa (Leisa) Haina Koukhipa Atupu Eenungpungtaki Eepungloinapa Apakpana Fukkhat Chingkhat Thangkhatlakpata Loinalakpa | Amati Laisapu Thengnapataki Thoklakpa Kampi | Laicha | Malangpa
Haina Koukhipa | Laipungthou Taletki Laiming Thontuna Eemai Faokhipa | Eemai Atupu Laiki Khuttamni – Lai Malle Haituna Malem Haina Koukhipa |”

What has been written in the Puya is the beginning of the creation of the Universe by the Universal God Father what the Ancient Kangleichas called Eepungloi Apakpa or Eepung Loinapa Apakpa, who is indeterminate whole Entity composed of all bloods of all living beings.

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