On the path of truth

Since our childhood, we read in our books, we heard from our teachers and parents that the best path to move is the path of truth. In fact, truth has been considered as a virtue of spirituality, truth has been considered as a quality of mankind. Truth is confidence, truth is courage. These all phrases, when we heard, we were children, children with pure heart and fresh minds. Our minds were blank and anything that we saw, we heard, we talked and wrote has become part of our memory. Following the path of truth was one of those, stories of martyrs and saints impressed our hearts and minds and we started behaving as a true person. By the time when we grew up, we learnt techniques of telling lies, though these were childish lies and thus our truth remains unaffected. Even, at the present time, everybody who is living in society has different mindset, attitude, principles etc but still there is no conflict among various social groups on the matter of truth. Truth is all time favorite quality of all. At present, when we all are divided on many views and other identities, it is the truth that easily gets support from all sides sooner or later.

Now, once again there is a story in front of our eyes, the story of Irom Chanu Sharmila. We all are witnessing an era of a woman moving on the path of truth in spite of all even and odds. This is a story of turning a common human being as an uncommon revolutionary. Probably she was the child who received many morals from those stories, and probably she was the girl during her college days who observed truth everywhere, probably she, when worked for people, favored truth in all conditions, without fear. She is the lady, who is fighting for people, without fear. This courage, the courage of being on hunger protest since eleven years, truly reflects the power of truth. She, once again, proved that truth is neither helpless nor weak; instead it can multiply the courage within one’s heart. Continuous struggle of Irom, once again drew attention of all towards this peaceful struggle.

Undoubtedly, the struggle is tough, it is more difficult than any violent protest, but more acceptable. She fight, but she doesn’t need to search any hideouts. She is always ready to face anyone, she is always ready to answer and she is sure that her protest has no adverse effect on anybody. In fact, she is clearly sending a message that truth can never be defeated. She reflected that those who move on path of truth, get followers and their impact multiplied. Those who move on the path of truth, give birth to new thoughts and philosophy themselves and society absorb their teachings to move on the same path for various reasons during various times.

Message of her struggle should be received by government of India as soon as possible. Government by understanding importance of the whole issue; should give recognition to her protest because by taking initiatives. It is demand of time due to various reasons. First, to encourage non violent protest, and it can lead the way of reduction of armed struggles because they can get diverted when they will find that non violent protests are better way to spread the message of demand, second, it can give ample benefit to affected people , third, it is moral responsibility of government to give recognition to values of truth, humanity and non violence and last it can bring a fruitful result, mutually acceptable to all stakeholders, for a common benefit of public . We all hope that we will very soon be able to see the initiative of government and thus will witness a full story of truth once again, we read somewhere.

Ravi Nitesh
New Delhi

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