Army lashes out at NSCN (IM)


IMPHAL, June 12: The Red Shield Division has strongly rebutted the claims of NSCN (IM) on the          AR-ZUF nexus published in Newspapers on June 12.  This is a serious  attempt by NSCN (IM)  to malign the image of 10 AR under Red Shield Division which  is working tirelessly to ensure peace in the Nonei area.  The Assam Rifles under the Red Shield Division has a clear mandate of not allowing any armed movement of underground groups in the area under its responsibility.  The public meetings and pamphlet campaigns undertaken by the Red Shield Division against  intimidation of the local population by armed groups has not only made the population more aware but has  also strongly weaned the masses out of the fear psychosis created in their minds by  the under grounds especially the NSCN (IM).

It may be recalled that all major incidents of firing on local population as on 24 Jan 12 as well as burning down of vehicles on NH-37 on 06 Oct 11, 23 Oct 11 and 04 Nov 11 were perpetuated by NSCN (IM).  It is also interesting to note that civil  functionaries and so called finance functionaries of NSCN (IM) were chased out of  Longmai Area by the local population post the 24 Jan 12 incident of shooting carried out NSCN (IM) in Nonei.

The bodies of NSCN (IM) cadres post the IFC on 07 Oct 2011 with ZUF in Area Liesok were allowed to be kept in Nonei for a condolence meet merely on humanitarian  grounds as Nonei forms a communication hub.  Similarly, post the IFC of 30 May 2012 in ljeirong, bodeis of ZUF cadres were brought to Nonei by student bodies and the Women Organisations of Longmai Area.  No armed cadres were allowed into Nonei by the Assam Rifles. The Army authoritiese have explained the constant bickering by the  NSCN (IM) as the signs of the organisation  being today totally exposed to the masses for their wrong doings.  The allegation of underground cadres using AR vehicles and supplied with arms and ammunition is a figment of wild imagination of the NSCN (IM).

It must also be noted that on 05 Jun 2012 a story of highhandedness by the AR  CO was  also circulated in the newspapers taking the name of the All lnpui Student Union.  However, the same was later refuted by both the All lnpui Student Union as well as the village authorities of the area as an handiwork of some miscreants in the same  newspaper the next day.  It is evident that the publishing of the said article was also  done at the behest of NSCN(IM).

The Red Shield Division has strongly condemned the repeated intrusions by the  undeground groups from Hebron and other places into and around Tamenglong which has seriously disturbed the peace of the area.   The Red shield Division reiterates its stand  that no armed movement of any  Underground Group will be allowed and is  committed  to ensuring peace  and harmony in their entire Area of Responsibility.  All such movements will be dealt with severely as per the law of the land regardless of  whether the cadres belong to ZUF, NSCN (IM) or any other such militant groups.  It has  also been decided to officially take up the case with Ceasefire the  Monitoring Group. 


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