Japanese actress thrilled with messages


By W Rorrkychand
IMPHAL, June 1: Japanese model Yu Asada, who is all set to make her acting debut with a forthcoming Manipuri flick “My Japanese Niece” said she was touch by the “kind messages” from the people of Manipur.

Yu Asada Japanese Actor-and Model Photo Credit: Ammy Kongbrai
Yu Asada Japanese Actor-and Model
Photo Credit: Ammy Kongbrai

Since the news spread about development of “My Japanese Niece”, she has been receiving messages from various sections of the people. Reacting to the messages during an online chatting with Imphal Free Press, Yu said that she was so touched by the “kind messages Manipuri people have been sending me last few days.”

Speaking about the upcoming film, which is supposedly claimed to be an endeavor to strengthen the Manipur-Japan bond, Yu said, it would provide an opportunity to have a “stronger bond” between the people of Manipur with the eastern island nation.

“I am hoping that this movie will be a good opportunity for Japanese people to know more about Manipur and have a stronger bond,” Yu said.

Informing that she will be in Manipur in October 2012 she said, “I feel so honored to be a part of this movie and cannot wait to visit there and meet as many people as possible.”

However, “It is sad that not a lot of Japanese people know what happened in Manipur and how Manipuri people have treated our forefathers,” she added.

“My Japanese Niece”, which is reportedly scheduled to start shooting later this year, is estimated to be of nearly Rs 1 core project.

As per report, the forthcoming flick by director Mohen Naorem would be based on a Japanese girl called Asada who came down to a remote village in Manipur in pursuit of her uncle who was left behind during the World War II and believed to be still living.


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