Maintain restraint and avert further violence: ZSUM


IMPHAL, June 24: The Zeliangrong Students’ Union Manipur calls on all the revolutionary groups/parties to maintain restraint and avert further violence and hostility among the revolutionary groups based in Tamenglong District, Manipur.

According to a release of ZSUM said the recent spurt of violence had cost some precious lives belonging to warring factions and civilians at different places in Tamenglong District, Manipur. The people of Tamenglong District and the Nagas living in different part of the country are alarmed by the communal tone from some of the rival factions declaring to launch operation against non-Zeliangrong intruders which appeared in the local dailies on June 23.

The ZSUM appeals to all the Revolutionary groups to apply wisdom and utmost conscience to tolerance to one another so that peace may return to embalm fear psychosis in the Zeliangrong region in particular and the Naga areas in general.

The ZSUM has also condoled to all the departed soul and bereaved families who have lost their lives in the factional clash recently in different part of Tamenlong District.

Meanwhile, The ZSUM has condemned the incident which was taken place at Maram Bazar, who had bitten black and blue to Pouchun Gonmei son of Pheigang from Ramgailong by some unidentified youths one week back.  


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