Manipuri Audiences Have Been Bored With Same Star Casts – Mohen Naorem


By: W Rorrkychand Singh

“Manipuri Audience Have Been Bored With Same Star Casts” Says Mohen Naorem

The people of Manipur were jaded with the stereotypical “Bollywood format and same star casts” of Manipuri film industry, said one of the prolific Manipuri filmmaker Mohen Naorem.

Mohen Naorem the director of “My Japanese Niece”

In an exclusive interview with W Rorrkychand Singh, Mohen who is working on a forthcoming international movie “My Japanese Niece” retorted, “Manipuri audience have been bored with Bollywood format and same star casts.”

“Out of odd 60 films produced every year, they see the same artists in more than 50 films which ultimately is a very difficult to watch same person repeatedly without much change in his acting,” added the Screenplay writer of “School Karusi”.

As per the production house, Legend Studio, in the upcoming movie, Yu Asada, a Japanese model is playing the lead role called Asada, who came to Manipur in search of her uncle, a WWII soldier. The adventure film would be revolving around the journey of the girl to various parts of the Manipur including the Indo-Myanmar border.

Speaking about the upcoming flick and its female protagonist, Mohen said “It is an adventure film filled with many mysteries and adventures in the wild jungles of Manipur. With this film people could see some of the real incidents down the memory lane. Her acting should be natural, not conventional film type. It is like her journey in Manipur to pay homages to her Japanese Uncle as done by others all these years.”

The 35-year-old filmmaker also reveals that the project is estimated to be around Rs. 1 crore.

“Normal films in Manipur cost Rs 10-20 lakhs for a Digital format. Ours is in 35mm format and it is average as compared to Indian film industry. We estimate more budget than the Rs 80-90 lakhs. Most of the expenditure will be incurred in post-production and as we are having 3 languages, the film print will be more,” Mohen claimed.

“If I failed in the Manipur market, I have two avenues- Japanese market and International audiences”, he added.

* The story  is sent by W Rorrkychand Singh-Freelance Journalist,Kumbi Mayai Leikai, Kumbi, PO- Moirang,PS- Kumbi, Dist- Bishnipur,Manipur. He can be reached at rorrky{at}gmail{dot}com



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