A Minute With Manipuri Film ‘My Japanese Niece’ Actress Yu Asada – EXCLUSIVE



By: W Rorrkychand Singh

Yu Asada Japanese Actor-and Model Photo Credit: Ammy Kongbrai
Yu Asada Japanese Actor-and Model
Photo Credit: Ammy Kongbrai


It seems that Manipuri film industry is getting a thrust this time around with the news about Yu Asada’s (Japanese model) debut venture with a forthcoming flick “My Japanese Niece”.

In an exclusive interview with W Rorrkychand Singh, Yu Asada who is playing the protagonist in the film reveals about her venture into the industry and regarding the upcoming movie. Here is the excerpts…..

Q(W Rorrkychand Singh).  Have you ever acted in any movies before?

A(Yu Asada). No, I actually No experience in acting.. so this is going to be a big challenge for me, but I will do my bestest. I also think that my emotions will come out naturally as I see and feel the place where Japanese soldiers have fought. So, even though I am a little bit nervous about acting, I am not worried.


Q(W Rorrkychand Singh). How did you get the chance to act in “My Japanese Niece”?

A(Yu Asada). I have submitted my portfolio and modeling resume to Legend Studio through this website where I had my modeling profile on. I actually thought I was applying for a modeling gig at first but I found out that it was actually for a movie and I decided to gratefully take this offer for a leading actress position because I loved the story line.


Q(W Rorrkychand Singh). Your personal connection with “My Japanese Niece”?

A(Yu Asada). I don’t have any personal connection, except for the fact the role I will be playing has the same name as my family name, Asada. What a coincidence!


Q(W Rorrkychand Singh). In Manipur there is a Japanese war memorial, have you heard about it before?

A(Yu Asada). I am afraid that I have never heard about the history and connection between Japan and Manipur. We, the Japanese do study about WW2 but I think not many Japanese people know about the connection we have with Manipur. So, I am really hoping that this film will give opportunity for Japanese people to get to know more about Manipur and the past we share with Manipuri people.


Q(W Rorrkychand Singh). Considering the language of the forthcoming flick, don’t you think that it will be a tough challenge ahead you? And how are you trying to cope it?

A(Yu Asada). I have been told that Japanese and Manipuri are somewhat similar, and I am actually pretty good at learning language, so I am more hopeful and excited about learning Manipuri by reading the script and communicating with the local people. It definitely will be a big challenge for me though!


Q(W Rorrkychand Singh). When are you expecting to be in Manipur for the shooting of “My Japanese Niece”?

A(Yu Asada). I am expecting be in Manipur in October and November 2012 to shoot “My Japanese Niece”. I am really excited to be there!


Q(W Rorrkychand Singh). A brief synopsis of “My Japanese Niece”.

A(Yu Asada). “My Japanese Niece” is based on a Japanese soldier who was left behind in Manipur after the war ended. My role is a Japanese girl coming to Manipur hoping that she will find her uncle there……..Please watch the movie and find out what this Japanese girl, Asada will find during her journey to find her uncle, and see the amazing adventure and encounters she will have in your beautiful homeland, Manipur.

* This exclusive interview is sent by W Rorrkychand Singh-Freelance Journalist. He can be reached at rorrky{at}gmail{dot}com



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