Mizoram: Remna Ni, 26th anniversary of historic peace accord observed


Jun 30,  7:34 PM| Newsonair.com
Mizoram on Saturday observed 26th anniversary of the historic peace accord. The day is observed and called as “Remna Ni”. On 30th June, 1986, an agreement was signed by the then underground Mizo National Front and the Central government to end the 20-year-long insurgency in the hilly state.

Mizoram Map India
Mizoram Map – 26th Remna Ni Observed

The accord was signed by the then MNF President Laldenga and the then Union Home Secretary R D Pradhan. After the peace agreement was signed, Laldenga became the interim Chief Minister of Mizoram.

In the subsequent elections to the state assembly in January, 1987, the MNF came to power and once again Laldenga became the Chief Minister.

On Saturday, a programe was organised at the MNF Headquarter in state capital Aizawl.

Addressing the gathering, former Chief Minister and MNF President Zoramthanga said that the peace accord brought tranquility to the state with the efforts of both the MNF and the then central government.

Today, Mizoram is one of the most peaceful states in the country.

Source: Newsonair.com


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