“Music has no barrier, and can unite humanity”: The Cadence


By: Oken Jeet Sandham

The “Land of Festivals”—Nagaland—has music blended into their lives. Over the years, there have been visible signs that music—olden and modern—started picking up with blending each other. There have been regular music competitions in the State with bands from all over the country taking part. At times, bands from oversees too performed their shows in State’s various major cities like Dimapur, Kohima and Mokokchung. In spite of all these, there have been numerous Gospel Bands in this tiny State where over 90 percent of population is Christian. Most of their performances are also widely appreciated.

One such very dynamic and promising Gospel Band called “Cadence” with young artists in it is very serious in promoting their “True” melodic Gospel Music. They have been performing their shows in various stages and occasions including Hornbill National Rock Contest 2011 and NSACS (Nagaland State Aids Control Society) Rock-Aware 2011. They also won the Inter-Ward Music Band Competition at Kohima in 2011.


“Journey of Life” was the first single release of the band. The band is also working on other singles which will be released soon.

They have been fully devoted their lives in finding the true meaning of Gospel Songs through their “unceasing music journey.” These four Cadence original artists are Ato  Nienu – Vocalist, Sede  Yiese – Bassist, Zhazo  Sorhie – Guitarist and Khrielezo  Keretsü – Drummer. They have realized that music can actually break the barriers and bring incredible unity among the humanity.

Sede Yiese (left), Bassist, Khrielezo Keretsu (2nd left), Drummer, Zhazo Sorhie (2nd right), Guitarist and Ato Nienu (right), Vocalist.
Sede Yiese (left), Bassist, Khrielezo Keretsu (2nd left), Drummer, Zhazo Sorhie (2nd right), Guitarist and Ato Nienu (right), Vocalist.
Zhazo Sorhie (left), Guitarist, Ato Nienu (2nd left), Vocalist, Sede Yiese (2nd right), Bassist and Khrielezo Keretsu (right), Drummer.
Zhazo Sorhie (left), Guitarist, Ato Nienu (2nd left), Vocalist, Sede Yiese (2nd right), Bassist and Khrielezo Keretsu (right), Drummer.
Cadence’s Ato Nienu, Vocalist seen performing rocks at Kohima.
Cadence’s Ato Nienu, Vocalist seen performing rocks at Kohima.
Cadence’s Guitarist, Zhazo Sorhie in action.
Cadence’s Guitarist, Zhazo Sorhie in action.
Cadence’s Drummer, Khrielezo Keretsu in action.
Cadence’s Drummer, Khrielezo Keretsu in action.
Cadence seen participating in one of Music Competitions.
Cadence seen participating in one of Music Competitions.

Hailing from Kohima, the four proved that they could do miracle when they had mutual respect and understanding of each other’s musicality as every member takes an active role in composing their songs. With their musically diverse background and tastes adding to the creative mix, their songs emerge from their lengthy jam sessions—each unique and yet definitely worth listening to.

The Cadence has huge fans. In an exclusive interview with NEPS News Service here at the State Capital, Kohima, the Cadence shared about their band, lives, works and future plans.

Excerpts from the interview:

NEPS News Service: What type of band are you?

Cadence: Gospel with melodic modern metal progressive influence.


NEPS News Service:   Tell us the brief history of your band?

Cadence:   It all started with the vocalist (Ato) and the bassist (Sede). It was formed in October 2010. Initially we were 5, but now the band went into some transformation and right now we are 4. All are original Members.


NEPS News Service:   Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Cadence:  With different taste of music, each member has different musical influences. Generally, we have been influenced by Dream Theater’s amazing composition of songs. So also Deltra for their heart touching lyrics and Bryan Adams for his melodic tunes. Here are some people who never knew or tasted the happenings of music, but influenced us in such a way that we should step up for a better tomorrow.


NEPS News Service:   What are your dreams and goals?

Cadence: Our dreams and goals are to get once more in the platform of Hornbill National Rock Contest and to win it. Further we want to go beyond the national level and show that Indian musicians are second to none.


NEPS News Service:   Why have you chosen to be gospel band?

Cadence:  Initially we started as a secular band, but since all of us are born and brought up in a Christian family and are involved in Church worship bands, our motive changed and we stick to be a Gospel band wanting to stand tall for the Gospel through our music.


NEPS News Service:   Who writes the songs, what are they about?

Cadence:  As of now, Ato (vocalist) has been writing the lyrics. The harmonies and the progressions are all arranged and structured by all four members of the band. The song lyrics are about the life of a Christian. It points out that what he or she faces in the journey of life. “Live your precious life, so that He accepts it.”


NEPS News Service:   How do you promote your band and shows?

Cadence: Facebook and local daily newspapers are the two main platforms from where we promote our band and shows.


NEPS News Service:   What’s your outlook on the record industry today?

Cadence:  Can’t say if it’s ignorance. But we haven’t seen any promising and progressive industry coming up even in near future, because it is largely due to the absence of committed person or company to promote music at its core in our State.


NEPS News Service:   Who inspires you to do what you do?

Cadence:  Our belief in God, passion for music and the hope to bring a better change to the society with our music, are some of the main inspirations driving us thus far.


NEPS News Service:   What advice would you give to fellow bands?

Cadence: Do what you do. Keep focus. Believe in your God and keep your faith strong.


NEPS News Service:   What are your future projects?

Cadence:  Every single step that we are stepping in our music life, it is resounding so far. However, we are looking forward to some enthusiastic projects, (secrets) LOL…. And as for now we are working on our debut Album.


NEPS News Service:   How does music affect you and the world around you?

Cadence:  Music keeps us in perspective in the things we do. Logically, it is the music which breaks the barrier and unites the essence of people around you.


NEPS News Service:   What’s new in the recording of your music?

Cadence: That would be something unique and it will be your normal piece of cake. (Hahaha).


NEPS News Service:   What are the biggest obstacles for your band?

Cadence:  Since we are not so well off, we struggled a lot with our gears, and jamming room. Thanks to Music Task Force for providing the most necessary equipments for jamming.


NEPS News Service:   What’s the best and worst thing about playing clubs?

Cadence:  Playing together as a band with different musical backgrounds has been quite a wonderful experience and encouraging. The best part is when we blend together and enjoyed each other’s harmonies and ideas. But the worst thing that arises in the band is when we misunderstand each other’s ideas but thanks to God for helping us to ultimately sort out our differences.


NEPS News Service:   Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there?

Cadence:   Actually, right now we don’t have any fixed shows. But being a Christian Melodic Modern metal band we have tried to create unique sounds so far. However, we are trying a lot of improvisation in our music as well as in our genre. We want to add that people who listen to us will surely find the uniqueness in our music. “God is on our side and with the confidence in Him we are planning big. God Bless.


NEPS News Service:   Say something to your fans?

Cadence:  Thanks for your unconditional supports, looking forward for your prayer and moral support. Peace out.


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