NSCN-IM alleges AR ZUF nexus


DIMAPUR, June 11(NNN): The long  hands  of Assam Rifles (AR) in creating divisive conflicts among the Nagas is again prominently seen in Tamenglong district of Manipur, said the NSCN-IM today.

“The birth of Zelianglong United Front (ZUF) in the Noney area is a direct manipulation of the government agencies including certain Tamenglong based politicians and AR authority to use it as a counter force against National Socialist Council of Nagalim(NSCN) after finding the NSCN too hot to handle. All the arms and ammunition used by ZUF are supplied by AR on the condition that NSCN should be targeted under any pretext. This is exactly what is happening today in Tamenlong with ZUF shamelessly acting as the stooges of AR,” the NSCN-IM alleges.

In this context it is worth mentioning that on May 30 when the NSCN were ambushed by ZUF many hidden facts were exposed with the villagers of the Haochong area as witness to the dirty ZUF-AR nexus, the Naga outfit stated.

It then said the ground reality shows that when the AR served notice to NSCN-IM not to stay in the Haochong area the ZUF and AR knows well the exit route the NSCN will take.

“It was in deed a well planned ambush laid by ZUF and AR to take the NSCN by surprise.But when the ZUF bullets missed the NSCN the ZUF became the targets as NSCN retaliated,killing two ZUF boys on the spot and injuring three others seriously One weapon was also captured by NSCN,” stated the NSCN-IM.

The NSCN-IM also stated the 10 Assam Rifles under the command of CO Ajay Sharma can never wash his dirty hands in facilitating ZUF ambush against NSCN. The villagers in the Haochong area were witness to the movement of AR vehicles transporting ZUF boys, mostly of those coming from Khaplang group, the NSCN-IM alleges.

“When the condolence meeting for the two ZUF killed was held in the Noney village the ZUF boys gave gun salute right under the nose of AR.

The AR close their ears for the moment. But this is how the AR work in close coordination with ZUF. AR may naturally issue denial statement.

But this will be a mere exercise to cover up their dirty role among the hill people and the forces that fights for the people`s right,” the NSCN-IM further alleged.


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