State students to meet Karnataka CM


IMPHAL, June 1: Leaders of six student bodies of the state are likely to meet Karnataka Chief Minister to press him to hand over the case of Loitam Richard to the CBI.

The student leaders are from MSF, AMSU, DESAM, KSA, SUK and SWAK.

They are likely to leave Imphal for Karnataka on June 4 where the student leaders are expected to submit a memorandum to Karnataka Chief Minister Sadanada Gowda on Richard’s case.

They are also likely to impress upon the Chief Minister to take up necessary steps to pressurise the Centre to hand over the case to the CBI.

The students are also expected to meet several officials of the state who are working in the case, sources said.

Manipur State unit BJP president Sh Shantikumar had earlier met Gowda and other officials of that state urging them to hand over the case to the CBI.

Shantikumar who is still camping in Bangalore told IFP by phone that a fresh development would be seen in the next two-three days regarding the case.

Richard, a student of NRV School of Architecture, Chikkabanavara in Bangalore, was found dead in his hostel room on the morning of April 18.


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