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Student bodies at Manipur form joint coordination committee

IMPHAL, June 25: A joint students’ co-ordination committee of six student bodies of the state has been formed, leaders of the student bodies announced at a press meet held at MSF office today.

The student leaders announced that the formation of the joint committee completed on June 13 at the head office of All Manipur Student’s Union (AMSU), DM college campus.

The joint committee consists of two members each from the six student bodies.

The committee members are Ng Milan, president of MSF as convenor, Santosh Lai, vice president of SUK as treasurer and Th Suresh, president of AMSU, L Romesh, HRD secretary of AMSU, A. Boinao, Gen Sec (in-charge) of MSF, M Angamba, vice president of DESAM, A Thoithoi, Gen Sec of DESAM, Th Premananda, president of KSA, Ph Manao, vice president of KSA, Th Richard, finance Secy of SUK, S Punshiba, Gen Sec of SWAK, A Jankinath, publicity Secy, SWAK as memebers.

Speaking at the press meet, A Thoithoi, who is a member of the newly formed committee, said that they have charted out a list of steps to be taken up by the committee.

He informed that the newly formed body will ban selling and used of drugs and other intoxicants including talab, khaini, zarda etc within or nearby educational institutions in the state.

The committee will also ban the use of mobile phones in schools by students upto class 12.

The uniforms for colleges must be maintained strictly and the committee will promote wearing phanek as uniform in the schools, he further said.

The committee seeks support from the schools and colleges in carrying out its activities. It will conduct surprise visits to the schools and colleges soon, he added.



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