73 UGs lay down arms


IMPHAL, July 20: IGAR (S) accomplished yet another feat in ensuring peace and prosperity of Manipur convincing a total of 73 UGs of the state to surrender unconditionally in front of the Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh in a simple yet remarkable Home Coming Ceremony organized by HQ IGAR (S) at Mantripukhri. The ceremony was attended by Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh, Minister Home Gaikhangam, Principal Secretary (Home) Suresh Babu, DGP Y Joy Kumar, IGAR (S) Maj Gen UK Gurung YSM and other officials.

The surrendered 73 UGs were 14 UNLF, 8 PULF (all faction), 13 KYKL, 7 PREPAK, 3 KNLF, 15 KCP (all factions), 12 PLA and 1 MNRF.  A large number of weapons including AK-47s, G3 Rifles, Lathode Gun, Carbines and pistols were surrendered.

Speaking at the occasion, Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh said that peace is the foremost necessity for progress and development. He added that prolonged armed movement in Manipur has not achieved anything for the people of the state except bringing disorder and chaos in the society. He said that the state is still struggling with basic things like law and order while the rest of the world has developed in fast pace.

He said that he do not take them as surrender but home coming of misguided youth of the nation.  He further said that India has been regarded as largest democratic country and there is no room for violence in democratic country. Government’s door is always kept open for negotiation and talk with all concern to bring peace and normalcy in the state he reiterated.

Chief Minister further added that the home coming ceremony is a testimony that the people of the state abhor violence and are desirous to greet peace and harmony life. He appealed to all the UG groups of the state to abjure violence and join the main stream.

Chief Minister congratulated the officers and jawans of Assam Rifles and the state police force for their commendable job in bringing back various UG outfits to the main stream; he assured the surrendered cadres that the Government would try its best for their proper rehabilitation.

Major General UK Gurung YSM said that there is no pressure used in their surrender process infact they took the right step in bringing peace in the state and the family members of the outfits showed willingness bring them to the main stream . He added that there is active monitoring of the activities across the border and they are maintaining contacts in the bordering area of Myanmar. He said that the underground groups of Manipur retaining shelter in Myanmar will soon be swept out of their soil.


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