Altercation leads to JNIMS closure


IMPHAL, July 19: JNIMS staff nurse, identified as Romita had slapped two attendants of a patient following a heated argument. The following turn of events led to the media falsely implicating MLA Amin Shah without balancing the report and further, closure of the OPD and Casualty of the said Hospital. The controversial issue has severely affected the public in seeking medical attention at the institute.

According to JNIMS staff, a patient party had allegedly misbehaved with a nurse and following an argument, a person masquerading as an MLA along with some security personnel had intruded to the Ante Natal ward and threatened the nurse and staff at gunpoint. Decrying the incident, the hospital staff  held a meeting today and formed an employee’s body called, ‘The Coordinating Committee of Employees of JNIMS’. The body had demanded arrest of the culprits and further to strengthen the security of the institute. An indefinite cease work strike commenced in pursuance of the demands.

IFP investigating into the incident caught up with Md Sahid Ali,40, and his younger brother Md Salauddin,30,of Keirao Makting Mayai Leikai who are the main accused in the case and were later arrested this evening.

Prior to their arrest, the brothers had informed this reporter that Mumtaz, wife of Salauddin was admitted for delivery at bed number ‘extra 3’ a few days back. At around 8 pm yesterday, she was to be injected. The nurse had tried a couple of times to inject the medicine and there was some bleeding as the vein was missed. Salauddin concerned at her wife’s condition had told the nurse to be careful. The nurse also retorted and told Salauddin to administer the injection himself. After some altercation among the patient party, the nurse slapped Salauddin and another female help. The nurse also threatened the patient when she interfered on behalf of her husband.

Salaudin intimated his brother Md Sahid Ali about the incident to bring a vehicle for transport of the patient. Sahid mentioned that after hearing the incident, he went to the hospital in his car alone, when he approached the ward, he met Nasir who is a police constable and also a relative. Nasir also came with concern and to shift the patient and had approached the nurse. Similarly, Sahid also told the nurse that beating a patient party was unethical. “There was a heated exchange but I did not mention of being an MLA or Amin Shah”, he stated.

Further, due to the incidents, he approached the staff to discharge the patient which was refused at first on medical protocol.

To confirm the statement, IFP reporter went to the ward this evening and asked the patient parties sharing the same room with Mumtaz. It was voiced that the argument was not overheard however they had witnessed the nurse slapping Salauddin and the female helper.

Nurses in training who were at the ward also verified that the nurse was Romita. IFP could not get her comments as she was not on the duty roster.

It may be mentioned that physically abusing a patient party is against the medical ethics and not in adherence to the modified Hippocratic oath taken by nurses.The international pledge for nurses include, “ In full knowledge of the obligations I am undertaking, I promise to care for the sick with all the skill and understanding I possess, without regard to race, creed, color, politics or social status, sparing no effort to conserve life, to alleviate suffering and to promote health.”

The police according to the demand of the JNIMS staff have arrested Md Sahid and the patients husband Md Salauddin and suspended police constable Md Nasir.


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