Brig SK Sharma inaugurates Kapok Hangni festival


Manipur, IMPHAL, July 20: Brigadier S.K Sharma Commander 59 MtnBde inaugurating the “KAPOK HANGNI” festival at TAPHOU NAGA village at Senapati.

The Maram People observes Kapok Hangni festival as one of the biggest traditional festival. A pompous feast always comes together with the festival. People gather together to sing, dance and feast together.

There are four main purpose of celebrating this festival.

Firstly, the people celebrate this festival to thank God for the successful plantation without any crisis or problems.

Secondly it is observed to pray to God for the protection of the paddy planted from storms and flood.

Thirdly, people pray to God for good harvest so that they can reap plenteous.

Fourthly, people promises to God to offer 1/10th of its harvest.

Commander reiterated all possible help to the villagers thus bridging the gap between the SF and the locals.

Brigadier SK Sharma inaugurated the event by the commencement of the football match.


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