Japanese traveller Masataka Usami shares his travel experience


By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, July 6: Masataka Usami from Japan reached Imphal, Manipur on July 5 from his long expedition on a vintage car.

Masataka Usami, a graduate in electronic engineering from University of Tokyo along with his friend Nagai decided to have an expedition and write a travelogue of Eurasia. They started the tour in a vintage car- 1968 Datsun-P510, later known as Nissan.

It was shipped from Japan to London. Nagai started the expedition from London alone till New Delhi from where he went back home after parking the car in a garage.

Masataka turned up at New Delhi on 9 of June to continue their expedition.

The expedition was sponsored by a motor company Nissan and Japanese Embassy, Delhi. During his short stay in Delhi Masataka faced many troubles in getting help from the locals, instead he was taken to posh jewellery shop and he was almost forced to buy expensive jewels he said.

He continued his expedition on June 19 towards the north eastern of India. He said when he reached he sensed a change in climate as well as human attitudes. He said he was helped and supported in NE states of India in many ways like in finding accommodation, fooding etc. He said he drives his car from 6-7 in the morning till 5-6 in the evening with little break in between and till today he had driven around 3000 KMs.

When Masakata reached Imphal he was greeted by Raag Keisam and Social Worker K Satyajit. Masakata said that he is happy to get support from them. He said the experiences will to share with the people of Japan and also it will be included in the travelogue.


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