Humiliation of women and child trafficking


By Kambam Ibohal Singh
Man and Woman are special gift of creator that cannot be separated as is the case of two sides of a coin. In every society of the world woman are inspired for their role played ever more for the upliftment not only for the woman society but also for the whole human society than the World expected. They are respected as mother, sister, aunt, in-law, even as beloved half for their modesty, sincerity, integrity, nobleness etc. and they ever stand by the man-folks to help and save them in woes and distress. Reproduction and take care of the next generation are significant feminine quality.

But it is the most thrilling news appeared in everyday local dailies regarding humiliating crime against woman. Contemptuous rape of daughter in-law, gang rape of a house wife, Zangthailu Kamei, murder of a girl K. Premila of Wabagai, suicide theory of Renubala (Nambol) in just two months period of marriage, stabbing to death of Basanti by her own hubby (BPR), dead of Pushpa Basnet (Kanglatombi) as netted in the poisonous trap of love, Naotombi of Wangoo was beaten severly after rape and thrown into the Imphal river with an attempt to kill her by her lover, Heirok incident trying to sell out a 15 years old class IX student after rape, ChumbreithongTaj Cafe in which 21 years old girl was given stimulant drug to rape and robbed etc more and more everyday which all go to the negative side of humanity and love. Such cases are not seldom but have been frequent and very often. The Manipuri society is not on the right track and it is no more to charm the world. A helping hand could have been lended to Zangthailu Kamei in her pursuit to achieve the goal of life taking her in the sense of a mother, sister or else not attacking her to injure physically and emotionally. The culprits involved in the crime included law enforcing agents taking law in their own hand knowingly. Calling out of home on cellphone and allegedly killing after committing illegal and reckless act with a girl is becoming woeful scenarios for last a few years. Murder of K. Premila (Wabagai) behind the hypocritical love is the most sever and thrilling incident since the killer culprit tried to destroy the very identity of Premila by burning to conceal revelation of the crime to the greatest extent to puzzle the Manipuri society and the Govt.

The mystery of love is nothing to those culprits who do not deserve to sing and listen to any modern/ancient love song arousing romance into the tender heart of lovers. They are more or less animals having no impact of religious literature on them and ought to be ousted to the realm of beasts where there is no Temple, Church, Gumpha etc.

The culprits are urged to witness the recent straight out glorious Manipuri flick “YAISKULGEE PAKHANG ANGAOBA” which is not only to mesmerize the fans but to transmit a glaring message for an approach towards establishment of communal relationship and harmony in the present communally turmoil Manipuri Society.

The attack of a Kabui Ningol is nothing but to throw cold water on the very exemplary idea of accepted concept of co-existence. This also underminds the conviction (firm belief) of the younger generation in maintenance of better communal relationship.

Mob trial, an instantaneous reaction against torture of woman in any form is illegal in the eyes of law. But the rage of the people is erupted in all violent forms due to ever increasing eagerness for justice, inspite of getting it in the space of ten years and more. People, therefore, take up mob trial as a justified punitive means to avoid the dust of anti social activities get settled down in the layer of time in the court of law. The reckless act is, however, not a bit senselessness.

Child trafficking in Manipur had become a news item for the last a few years, the latest being the recent UKL incident. It is certainly strange to note that children are taken as an item in their trade of some business man. In the name of humanity and religion children are taken from their parents giving assurance of good food and better education only to sell out to hotels and brothels. The parents who are already under the stresses of globalization wind which blows everywhere even in remotest areas of the world are hard to attend to the growing needs and requirements of their children. The parents having four or five kids are in no position to afford the affordables as is in the case of elite family. Taking full advantages of the disadvantageous situation the pastor or religious culprits lift the children for outside states or foreign countries where they are subjected to harsh and unnatural works without proper food and clothes.

The action triggered by the Govt. is not enough to hit the target and take the bull by the horns. To bring the children and hand over them to their parents is not appropriate action unless stringent measures are initiated to put the traffickers behind the bar. The Govt. is ever turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the woes and distresses of these innocent and hapless hill people. The funds earmarked for small family norms are still too far to reach and educate the poor people. In this context the past and present Govt. are fully responsible for siphoning off the said funds for self interest.


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